The CU can't happen without you; the members that make up the CU.

To ensure that we can continue to do great things and make an
impact, we ask you to pay a membership fee.

Here's a bit about why and what it goes towards.


To be affiliated and recognised as a society within the Students' Union, we must make up our membership.

It serves several purposes;
• The SU and us are able to see how many students are part of the CU
• When you pay a membership fee, the SU pays us the same again. So when you pay £8, the SU also gives us £8, giving us £16 in total from your membership
• We can then use this money to go towards food & drink in meetings, paying travel expenses for guest speakers at our main meetings, plastic cups and equipment to do Water twice a week and much more.
• It's also another way we can contact you, whether you decided to attend our regular events or not.
• To be considered as a member for next year's committee you need to be a member this year.

How to become a Member

All membership purchases are done through the Students' Union website.

You will have to log in using your Students' Union account. This is not the same as your normal university one. If you haven't yet set up your account, this page should help.

» Become A Member «

If you have any trouble gaining membership or registering with the SU website, feel free to contact Oliver Neeedham: Email, Facebook or Twitter.

The Students' Union

The on campus Students' Union don't just run the LRV, Ember Lounge, Squeeze Box and shops. They also can help you with their free and impartial advice. They provide services such as:
» Student Advice Centre
» The Money Doctors
» Cop Shop
» Stars (Student Academic Reps)

You can find out more about them on their website.