Church Tour

We want to encourage all the students that attend Stoke CU
to also attend a local church and get involved there.

There are many different churches in and around the
university and we want to help you choose.

Members of the CU go to many different types of churches
and we welcome everyone.

Joining the church tour

If you'd like to come along on the church tour, then speak to one of the committee members to find out all the details.

Each week, the church tour will be mentioned in the notices at the beginning of each Thursday evening meeting.

Try them out for yourself

We make an effort to go to all the churches in the area, where possible.

A full list of local churches can be found on our Churches page incase you wish to make your own way there.

Where we're going & when

  • 25th September - Swanbank Methodist Church
  • 2nd October - Park Evangelical
  • 9th October - Breathe City Church
  • 16th October - Penkull Christian Fellowship
  • 23rd October - Hanley Baptist Church

It is possible that dates and venues may change at short notice. We will try and notify members as soon as possible.